courses for dentistry

For Doctors

For doctors wishing to go beyond being a “tooth doctor,” our dental courses in the core curriculum will set you on the path of becoming a “physician of the masticatory system.” The following is the overall recommended course plan for The Dawson Academy’s courses for dentistry. Dental courses in the “Dental Medical” and “Advanced” tracks are elective courses for Doctors. Dental courses in the “Team“ track are courses for dental team members.

2014 Course Schedule

Core 1:

Functional Occlusion – From TMJ to Smile Design

This dental seminar is the recommended first step in our dental seminars continuing education. As the foundational seminar in the “Concept of Complete Dentistry (SM) Series,” you will learn the timeless message that good, esthetic and complete dentistry must begin with a thorough understanding of dental occlusion and the functions of the masticatory system. The cornerstone of The Dawson Academy philosophy is a comprehensive understanding of how the TM joint, muscles, proprioceptive input, lower anterior teeth, upper anterior teeth, lower posterior teeth and upper posterior teeth are designed to function in harmony with one another.


Core 2:

Examination & Records

Examination and Records is one of the most important dental courses that a dentist will master on the path to complete dentistry. The cornerstone of the Dawson philosophy begins with a thorough complete examination and the gathering of necessary records accurately. As Dr. Dawson says “every great treatment plan comes from a well organized records appointment.”  (Limited to 20 dentists)

Core 3:

Treatment Planning Functional Esthetic Excellence

This dental ce course provides a programmed approach to predictably diagnose and treatment plan both simple to extremely difficult cases. Utilizing the standardized records discussed in our dental courses Functional Occlusion- from TMJ to Smile Design and Achieving Predictable Esthetic Results each dentist will discover how to visualize optimum dentistry from an esthetic, functional, biological and structural perspective. You will learn to apply the four treatment options: reshaping, repositioning, restoring and surgical correction, which are a critical component of step-by-step dental treatment planning checklists. (Limited to 20 dentists)

Core 4:

Achieving Predictable Esthetic Results

This restorative dental course will provide the students with the procedural knowledge to do contemporary restorative procedures at the highest level. This dental seminar will leave each student with a clear understanding of the four options of treatment: Reshaping, Repositioning, Restoring and Surgical alternatives.

Core 5:

The Art & Science of Equilibration

This Dawson Academy hands on course provides continuing education for dentists who need to implement a process of occlusal therapy within their dental practice.  Equilibration is a cornerstone for treatment of occlusal disease, and as such, any dentist who wishes to practice complete dentistry must know how to perform all aspects of it correctly. As a participant, you will discover the importance of the trial equilibration and be given the opportunity to adjust several different case types to insure your complete understanding of the material presented.  This complete dentistry dental continuing education course includes lectures, videos of patient treatment, and hands-on exercises to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to return home and implement occlusal treatments in your practice on Monday morning. (Limited to 20 dentists)

Core 6:

Esthetic Foundations 1 – Restoring Anterior Teeth

This Dawson Academy continuing education esthetics course is a hands-on program that will assist the cosmetic dentist in taking those critical steps in accomplishing anterior restorative procedures at their highest level. Restoring anterior teeth and managing dental esthetics with predictability, truly represents the culmination of our understanding of how this intricate system is designed as we attempt to emulate what nature has originally created. Through the use of lecture, clinical videos, and hands-on exercises the restorative dentist will develop the confidence in diagnosis, material selection, preparation design and the creation of key indices to insure predictability in delivering exquisite anterior restorations.  (Limited to 20 dentists)

Core 7:

Advanced Problem Solving

Advanced Problem Solving is the last of the Dawson Academy seminars in the “Concept of Complete Dentistry (SM) Series.”  This dental course will provide the participant with the necessary information to solve complex dental problems. A programmed approach to treatment planning will be presented so that each student will learn how to solve the 4 functional and 12 esthetic goals when given any set of circumstances. Extreme occlusal wear, anterior open bites, deep overbites, extreme overjet and Class III malocclusions will be discussed. Neutral zone and vertical dimension will be covered in detail as it pertains to the treatment of the above problems.

The Dawson Academy Electives for Doctors

The following courses are intended for dentists who have a need to go beyond the basics of what we teach in the Core Curriculum. Each of these courses for dentistry have a very high satisfaction rate from the students who have attended them in the past.

Dental Medical Track

Splint Therapy, Sleep Apnea & Total Wellness

The future of Dentistry is brighter than ever for the dentist who is well prepared with new knowledge and skills. In an era of exploding medical knowledge, patients spend more time with their dentist and hygienist than with their primary care provider, placing dentistry in a new and unique position to provide critical health care services. Program participants will learn techniques for evaluating, diagnosing and treating temporomandibular disorders, poor bite relationships and airway problems.  This knowledge will enable dental professionals to provide their patients with solutions to problems ranging from snoring and sleep apnea to headaches, destructive bruxism and more.

Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disorders is one of the hottest topics in Dentistry. Approximately 40 million people in the U.S. are chronic sufferers from sleep disordered breathing problems. Less than 10% have been diagnosed or sought treatment. Obstructive sleep apnea can severely impact the quality of life, as it can lead to an increased risk for heart excitation, high blood pressure, diabetes, memory impairment, daytime sleepiness, poor concentration, heart attacks and strokes. Every dental practice has potentially several hundred patients at risk.The goal of this workshop is to equip each participant/team, to gain the knowledge and tools, to immediately go home and begin integrating Dental Sleep Medicine into their Dawson philosophy practice.

Advanced Restorative Track

TMD Patient: Diagnosis & Treatment

This dental course will pick up where Comprehensive Examination and Records left off and teach a systematic process for advanced records when TMD pathology is suspected.  A systematic process for the evaluation, differential diagnosis and treatment/management of patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of TMD will be developed.  A significant focus will be placed on occlusal splint therapy and the development of an individualized patient management plan of which splint therapy is one component.  The use of occlusal splint therapy in cases of nocturnal bruxism, during and following treatment of certain restorative cases will be included.

Mastering Complex Cases

This mastery level dental continuing education course is limited to twelve participants for maximum interaction and instruction. In addition to the challenging cases presented in this course, each student will bring and present a complex case for analysis. A standardized protocol will be sent in advance of attendance. Come and study with a small group of like-minded professionals and leave with the confidence and ability to solve any restorative challenge.

Mastering Interdisciplinary Treatment

There is nothing more rewarding in the practice of dentistry than working with a team of like-minded dental professionals to solve complex functional/esthetic problems. This hands-on dental continuing education course will provide a unique opportunity for Restorative Dentists to bring their Orthodontist, Periodontist and Oral Surgeon together for a learning retreat. Dr. John Cranham’s Interdisciplinary Team (Albert Konikoff DDS-Periodontist, Carl Roy DDS-Orthodontist and Mike Maugeri-Oral Surgeon) will share their expertise on how they created a shared philosophy of esthetics, dental occlusion, case planning, sequencing, and day-to-day communication.