Joanne Schultz-Bailey, R.D.H., began her career in 1973 as a dental assistant. In 1978 while in Hygiene School, she was asked to join the practice of Dr. Peter E. Dawson and Dr. Pete Roach. Joanne was a chair side assistant to Dr. Peter Dawson during Hygiene School and then became a Hygienist in his practice.

Mrs. Schultz-Bailey has attended Dawson lectures and application courses, and has attended programs for the Dental Hygienist at the Pankey Institute and University of Florida. Her career consists of occlusion/periodontal based dentistry, with a focus on the importance of the whole masticatory system and how it relates to dentistry.

She teaches the “Role of the Dental Hygienist in Supporting the Concepts of Complete Dentistry” at the Dawson Academy. Joanne has lectured in North Carolina, Chicago, Louisiana, Virginia, Colorado as well as St. Petersburg Florida.

Over thirty-five years later, she continues to work for the same practice, now Daxon and Grundset Dentistry. Joanne has been a member of the Florida Dental Hygiene Association, and the Langston Study Club. She has a certificate from AFFA ( Aerobic Fitness Foundation and Association) and has taught for over 20 years in the Aerobic Industry.

Her Hobbies include running. Joanne has competed for three marathons, two which were in New York cities! She has also run 15 -1/2 marathons, enjoys being outdoors, and when not working or running she is spending time with family and friends.