The Dawson Academy Core Curriculum is a post-graduate mini-residency in solving even the most complex dental problems involving esthetics, occlusal problems, TMJ issues, and advanced restorative care. The principles learned can be applied to everyday dentistry or advanced dental cases.

Our mini-residency provides a customized continuing education path for dental practitioners interested in obtaining advanced knowledge and mastering skills necessary to providing Complete Dentistry. The mini-residency provides hands-on clinical learning experiences, one-on-one instruction, and group discussion using a variety of modalities.

How the Florida Mini-Residency works

An exclusive group of 20 dentists and/or lab technicians will study and complete the Dawson Academy Core Curriculum over a 15 month period.

The curriculum consists of seven courses: three lectures (2) in-person, (1) online, four hands-on courses completed at The Dawson Academy Teaching Center in St. Petersburg, Florida and a final lecture completed in St. Petersburg/Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The four hands-on courses will be taught by a Senior Faculty Member at The Dawson Academy. Our faculty will be available throughout the 15 month period (and beyond) to support the mini-residency members in implementation and clinical success.

Why mini-residencies work

The professional relationships mini-residencies build can result in a network, which extends beyond the classroom, and can significantly help students’ practice growth and fulfillment.