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Creating the foundation for Complete Dentistry in your practice

by Laura Wittenauer DDS I hear many dentists ask, “Where do I start and how do I get my team members to buy into the process?” In my experience as an Assistant Faculty member at the Comprehensive Exam and Records course, here’s what I have found to be five important concepts to help answer this […]

Powerful Communication with Digital Photography

By Stephen Miller, DDS – Assistant Faculty Member of The Dawson Academy During The Dawson Academy’s Treatment Planning Functional Esthetic Excellence Course, we teach students to integrate the information and records gathered during the New Patient Exam. I have noticed that a recurring issue for doctors is how to effectively bridge the gap between their […]

Cure the sick, and the sick will help cure you.

by Andrew Cobb, DDS A number of years ago an anonymous volunteer posted a sign on one of my mission trips which gets to the heart of volunteering. It stated: “If you came expecting to cure the sick, you will be surprised as the sick will help cure you”. I know from personal experience, it […]

Rescuing At Risk Youth from Dental Disease

National Children’s Oral Health Foundation® and The Dawson Academy ® Announce Partnership to Rescue At-Risk Youth from Dental Disease (Charlotte, NC—August 20, 2010) National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy® (NCOHF) and The Dawson Academy have formed an alliance to provide volunteer dental services to promising at-risk teens and underserved children nationwide through Tomorrow’s SMILES® […]

Change A Life With Tomorrow’s SMILES!

Darian, a 15-year-old boy about to start high school, refused to smile. A school nurse observed that it was a result of severe tooth decay. She recommended him to the Tomorrow’s SMILES program and he was accepted. Edna Soomans, Darian’s middle school nurse, said, “I promised Darian three years ago that I would do my […]

Why Your Practice Needs Internet Marketing

By Brian Burns I President of AdsNext Internet Promotion Solutions The Internet is no longer the future, the Internet is today. If your practice isn’t online, you are missing thousands of potential patients. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, a majority (61%) of American adults go online for health information.1 Some 17 […]

Free CE Podcast: 10 Tips for Predictable Adhesive Success

On Wednesday, July 14th, Dr. John Cranham, Clinical Director and Partner of The Dawson Academy, presented a webinar 10 Tips for Predictable Adhesive Success hosted by Dental Products Report and sponsored by Ivoclar Vivadent. Over 1000 dentists registered for this event and to date, more than 500 have viewed the program. During the 1 hour […]

Increasing the Predictability of Anterior Restorations

by Leonard A. Hess, DDS • Associate Faculty Member • The Dawson Academy Every clinician is on a constant journey. We all must continuously learn and hone our craft. Every year thousands of dentists trust the Dawson Academy to help them on their path. One topic that interests many restorative dentists is anterior indirect restorations, […]

The hygienist is a KEY team member in educating patients.

by Joanne Schultz RDH We were in the clinic on the second day of our Hygiene course and one of the hygienists said to me, “You are to me like Dr. Dawson is to the doctors!” Besides being one of the best compliments I have ever received, it also underlines a real need in every […]

A Creative Way to Market Your Dental Practice

With a down economy everyone is feeling the effects, including my practice. And while not losing patients, some people weren’t able to come in as regularly, leaving room for more patients. We thought about advertising, but that would be paying strangers to send us strangers and our thought was that we would rather have friends […]