Case – 2017 Jack C.

Jack Pre-Op

Jack Post-Op

What you will learn

Jack is a patient who was referred by a local periodontist as a possible All-on-4 case. Jack was aware of his severe dental problems but wanted to avoid losing all of his teeth if possible. He was mainly concerned with function (he wants things to look natural). With this case, you will see that Jack has severe occlusal issues along with airway issues and facial profile/symmetry issues. You will learn how to handle the occlusal challenges that a severe wear case with a deep overbite can present. You will also learn why obtaining accurate records and a verified CR bite registration is crucial when treatment planning these cases.

Meeting Goals/Objectives

  • Understand how to treatment plan and sequence a severe wear case with a deep anterior overbite.
  • Learn techniques to design a proper occlusal scheme in severe wear cases.
  • Learn how to handle opening the OVD in a case with both natural dentition and implant restorations.
  • Learn how to sequence a full-mouth rehab and segment the treatment if needed.

Discussion Points/Questions

  • With Jack’s significant amount of wear, how will you determine where the teeth need to be esthetically?
  • With the amount of wear that Jack has, how does his CR-MI slide help with the treatment plan?
  • What factors will you consider when designing a stable occlusal scheme for Jack?
  • Discuss how to handle the issue of increasing OVD in a case with restorations on natural teeth and implants. What must you consider? When during the treatment process should the implants be loaded?
  • How would you sequence the treatment plan? If this case needed to be segmented due to patient finances, how could this be accomplished while still satisfying the 5 requirements of occlusal stability? What materials would you use?

CE Codes Breakdown

  • CE Credits Awarded: 3
  • COURSE SUBJECT CODES & HOURS: #610 (0.5L, 1P), #780 (0.5L, 1P)
    (L) Lecture
    (P) Participation/Discussion/Hands-On