Airway Disorders/Sleep Apnea

Sleep Disordered Breathing: Effects on Children’s Growth and Development

Thanks for all who attended our Watch It Wednesday free dental webinar! If you couldn’t make it, we invite you to watch the broadcast below. Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) is an epidemic, and it is imperative that dentists increase their knowledge and understanding of the significant links between breathing disorders and malocclusions in their patients. […]

Tips for Treating Airway Disorders

So I want to give you a few quick tips on treating airway disorders. We’re learning so much about this. It’s been incredible. But let me just share with you a couple of key things to think about. Number one, a lot of patients come in that are snoring or feeling poorly during the daytime […]

Malocclusion and Breathing Disorders: Uncovering Their Relationship

In this webinar, Dr. Wilkerson uncovers the relationship between malocclusion and breathing disorders. Learn what to look for when screening for airway disorders, the result of leaving these disorders untreated and how they can result in malocclusions.

Screening for Airway Issues

So one of the big issues and changes in dentistry now is airway and how do we deal with it with our complete concept of dentistry. So one of the things we have to do now as part of the complete exam is we have to add an airway screening into our examination. We’ve actually […]

Integrating Airway Disorders into Treatment

So as we move into the future of complete dentistry, we’re going to be finding that we will be doing more and more integration of airway disorders into our treatment planning and even into solving occlusal problems. So for example, when someone’s evaluated and we are able to identify that they have a breathing disorder […]

The correlation between bruxism and airway disorders

One of the things that really keyed us into the fact that airway and breathing disorders are very significant is that we began to see some things from studies that were done overnight that showed that it’s very common for patients that have, let’s say, sleep apnea, to have an apneic event, and at the […]

Webinar: Airway Orthodontics-An Introduction to the New Paradigm

Dr. Barry Raphael discuss how many of our dental school and residency orthodoxies are now very different than what was taught. He’ll turn your thinking about Sleep Dentistry around, too. Traditionally, in orthodontics we align the teeth first, set the occlusion, get the jaws to balance and match the joints, hope the muscles will follow the form, […]

My patient has an airway disorder: where do I start?

So I think that my patient hay have an airway disorder. Where do I start? What are the first steps that need to happen in order to diagnosis and treat this?

What can TMD have to do with airway?

The question comes up, what does airway have to do with TMD or what does TMD have to with airway problems? And the answer is sometimes there’s very little overlap, sometimes there’s quite a bit of overlap, and sometimes there’s total overlap.

Why you should get a CBCT for evaluating airway problems

CBCT’s can be helpful not only for evaluating the temporomandibular joints and looking at the cortex and integrity of the bone and joint spacing, but also for airway.