dental photography

Why Dental Photography is Important to an Accurate Diagnosis

By: Dr. Neeraj Khanna The importance of photography in dentistry cannot be underestimated. It has many purposes, like internal & external marketing or communication with specialists and laboratories. Its greatest importance, though, is to accurately diagnose conditions.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Digital Photos in Your Dental Practice

The use of digital photography has changed the practice of Complete Dentistry for the better.  One reason is it allows us to view, edit, and modify images with ease. A fundamental goal of Complete Dentistry is to provide patients with predictable, natural and long lasting restorations.  The use of digital photography is a great way […]

How photography can benefit your dental practice

When we look at photography in our practice, it is perhaps the single most important thing we do these days. When I speak to my patients about it, we are talking about using photography first of all in records, so we know how they are today. It also allows them to see what I can […]

Dental Photography: Cross Polarization and Custom Dyes

I would like to share with you my observations and experiences with utilizing a tool that helps me to select shades for my direct and indirect restorations. As restorative dentists, we are given the task of either replacing or enhancing what is absent or deficient in nature. Innately, that solution is essentially simple.

Dental Webinar: Creating a Brand Through Photographic Excellence

Whether you’re a large global corporation or a small dental practice in the middle of nowhere, branding is essential to establishing a name for yourself. This talk intends to discuss practical steps to building your brand and to developing your portfolio through the use of dental photography.