Dental Whitepapers

The Keys to Daily Patient Prep for Complete Dentistry

A football team huddles before every play.  They get on the same page and hit the line playing their individual roles towards a common goal. Can you imagine if they did not do this? Or did it off the cuff or if the play did not have enough detail or omitted key data altogether? What […]

5 Requirements for Occlusal Stability

There is nothing more critical for the practicing dentist than the abilities to both recognize occlusal instability and achieve occlusal stability. The fundamental goal of treatment planning is to achieve a result that will not cause breakdown in the stomatognathic system and to provide long-term stability. These 5 requirements of occlusal stability are: 1. Stable […]

The Secret to Avoiding Mistakes During Treatment Planning

How do you avoid mistakes during dental treatment planning? It’s not a new question, but it is one that is asked often. A simple way to answer this question in one word is: checklists! If you have attended any of The Dawson Academy courses in the last 4 years, then you have likely been introduced […]