Dawson Quick Tip: Sign of Success for Denture Patients

When we are restoring patients with complete dentures, and they come in with, sometimes, a bag of many sets of dentures that have not been functional, we often wonder why would our set be any different. Transcript Continued Below…

How to Achieve Good Lingual Extension with Hydrocast

Mandibular denture stability is often times a difficult challenge for us and also for patients. For them to feel that a lower denture is stable and comfortable is very challenging, especially with ridges that are severely atrophic. One of the things that I have learned over my career is using HydroCast, which is a functional […]

Transitioning to a Fixed Implant Supported Prosthesis

When patients come to us with existing maxillary dentures and want to transition to afixed implant supported prosthesis, sometimes the treatment planning process can be a little confusing and a little challenging. And we tend to maybe let the patient drive that decision and we end up doing a fixed prosthesis. But really the question […]

3 Fatal Flaws of Denture Design

There are three main areas that need attention when designing complete denture prostheses. When these three things are not accomplished, it can lead to misfits and patient dissatisfaction. I see it all the time.

2 Considerations of Treatment Planning a Maxillary Implant Prosthesis

When we have patients with an existing maxillary denture who want to transition to some type of implant prosthesis, there are many things to consider when we are treatment planning these types of cases. Number of implants, A/P spread, and vertical space are a few important clinical decisions that must be made. The decision to […]

Fabricating Dentures Quiz

Test your knowledge of fabricating complete dentures with this 10-question multiple choice.

Webinar: Hydrocast Functional Soft Liner: The What, The When & The How

To many dentists, hydrocast material remains a mystery, yet once mastered, it can be the most life changing technique in complete denture fabrication. The use of hydrocast will drastically minimize the number of post op adjustments, maximize fit and comfort, and create raving fans!

Webinar: Managing VDO in the Partially Edentulous Patient

Define when it is appropriate to alter vertical dimension with fully edentulous cases. Replacing missing teeth with implants in the partially edentulous patient can be a very rewarding treatment option. However, when we are faced with additional challenges of limited restorative space and occlusal plane issues, planning the timing of implant restoration is important, especially […]

Webinar | The Perfect Pair: Maxillary Denture & the Mandibular Hybrid

Restoring the edentulous patient challenges us with many treatment options which can be overwhelming at times. From complete dentures, to 2-implant overdentures, to fixed hybrids, how do we know which option is best? This one hour dental webinar will discuss a very specific case type: a maxillary denture opposing a fixed implant hybrid. The rationale […]

Webinar | Complete Dentures: Pearls for Predictability with Q&A

Join our Removable Prosthodontics Resident Expert Dr. Kimberley Daxon as she answers the many questions you have about fabricating Complete Dentures. In this webinar, you will be part of a collaborative discussion on various removable prosthodontics principles, including best practices with respect to esthetics, phonetics and function and the importance of determining tooth position prior […]