Examination & Records

The Key to Dental Practice Productivity

I attended the first Dawson Academy dental course in St. Petersburg, Florida in my first year of practice. What I heard was not a product-driven technique, but rather a comprehensive system of practice that included an emphasis on simplifying complex cases which begins with a complete new patient exam.

3 Steps to Transition into Using Dental Photography

We’ve all heard the click a picture is worth a thousand words.  Enter dental photography? it’s no surprise that by capturing images of our patients, we are better able to co-diagnose oral health and lack there-of; predict skeletal discrepancies; anticipate airway problems; maintain a record of the patients condition over time; improve communications with our […]

How to Master a Complete Dental Examination

The key to offering complete dentistry starts with a thorough complete examination. The Dawson Academy’s dental examination course teaches us all the elements essential for a complete exam, but the order and how each Dentist explains this to patients can vary. The following is a step-by-step process that my practice follows.

Why Co-Diagnosis is Essential to Treatment Acceptance

Times have definitely changed.  The generation of patients that had full confidence and blind trust in their health care practitioners is dwindling and approaching their nineties. Long-gone are the days that a patient will initiate treatment because the doctor said I have to do it.  We are in a modern era where the internet is […]

Why Dental Photography is Important to an Accurate Diagnosis

By: Dr. Neeraj Khanna The importance of photography in dentistry cannot be underestimated. It has many purposes, like internal & external marketing or communication with specialists and laboratories. Its greatest importance, though, is to accurately diagnose conditions.

Signs of Occlusal Instability

By Dr. Shannon Johnson Good Vibrations? As clinicians, the very purpose of our dental exam is to thoroughly evaluate each patient for any sign of instability that will lead to breakdown of the masticatory system.  Not including macro-trauma, there are only two simple reasons for the system to break down: 1.  Microorganisms (bacteria, viral, fungal) […]

Tips for Perfect Wax Bite Records

By Dr. Shannon Johnson Obtaining an accurate bite record that will allow a precise mounting is crucial for treatment planning.  Many products exist that are very accurate, yet they do not easily allow a precise mounting.  Such is the case with many PVS bite records. The Dawson Academy prefers the blue (Denar*) wax for several […]

What can you learn from the screening history?

The Concept of Complete Dentistry is based on the principles taught by Dr. Peter Dawson, which entail the complete understanding of the masticatory system.  The joints (TMJ), muscles (Mastication), and teeth (Occlusion) all work together in harmony.  Many of our patients often experience discord within their masticatory system.  When this occurs, we usually expect to see […]

Common Bimanual Manipulation Mistakes

3 Common Bimanual Manipulation Mistakes While many in the profession maintain that bimanual manipulation is too hard to learn, after they are taught the correct technique, dentists attending The Dawson Academy find it not only learnable and repeatable, but choose it as their preferred method for finding and verifying centric relation. One of the keys […]