Integrative Dental Medicine

Dental CE: Children’s Science Hands-On Learning Lab

Through a radical paradigm shift in our practices approach to children’s health, we boosted our team morale, inspired an influx of new patients and began making a significant contribution to children’s oral and nutritional health.   We designed and implemented a SCIENCE Hands-On Learning Lab that begins with a self-prophy model and includes 40+ science experiments […]

Clearing up confusion about HPV

By Angie Gribble Hedlund, DMD @AngieHedlund I went to a great OSHA training seminar today.  That sounds like a funny thing to say about an OSHA seminar, but the presenter was more like a stand-up comedian than a lecturer and made the material really interesting and entertaining.  During the discussion of infectious pathogens, she devoted […]

Facts & Benefits of Salivary Diagnostics

Salivary diagnostics may aid in saving lives from oral cancer and help better determine the most effective form of treatment for periodontal disease. It is beneficial for us to know the facts and key benefits of salivary diagnostics when speaking with ours patients. In this whitepaper you will find information about periodontal disease and oral […]

Online Dental Education: Nutrition Advocacy

Michigan, where I practice, is the poster child for the economic challenges currently facing our country.   Our state also ranks eighth in the listing of fattest U.S. states, according to US Centers for Disease Control.   Combine these two factors and it’s clear that there’s an opportunity to educate children about sound nutrition before the onset […]

New Dental CE Curriculum for Emerging Health Services

The Dawson Academy introduced a new curriculum based on emerging health care services for dentists during a live webinar Wednesday, Nov. 28.

Oral Cancer Cause Aims to Improve Quality of Life

With great enthusiasm, we’d like to introduce Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. (OCC), a non-profit 501(c) 3. OCC was founded this year by Linda Miles and Robin Morrison in memory of Charlotte Estep, Linda Miles sister-in-law, and Mike Collins, Robin Morrison’s brother. Charlotte and Mike passed away in 2012 after suffering for several years from oral […]

[Webinar] The More Complete ‘Complete Dentist’

You can really get involved in the broader spectrum of dentistry, taking the concepts that we’ve learned at The Dawson Academy and expanding those into the whole body. Today we have so many great things happening in the medical field. As you look here at the titles of books being written, you’ll notice each one […]

The Importance of the Periodontal-Systemic Connection

The emerging body of knowledge within oral-systemic science and the changing nature of the healthcare environment are having a dramatic impact on the practice of dentistry. In the coming years (or even months) dental professionals will be required to play a larger role in collaborative healthcare management teams, as community practice continues its transition to […]

How to Educate Patients: A Dentist’s Role in Treating Sleep Apnea

As our understanding of Dentistry’s role in whole health advances, we have increasingly meaningful conversations with our patients and community. One of my patients is a wonderful physical therapist, who is strongly committed to educating her patients about whole health subjects, including oral health. She has asked me to write several articles for her practice […]

Dawson Quick Tip: Evaluating Patients for Sleep Disorders

One of the things that Dr. Dawson has taught us over the years is that part of being a complete dentist is really being a physician of the masticatory system.