Interdisciplinary Treatment

The Big Win: Interdisciplinary Teams Using Complete Dentistry

By Dr. Neeraj Khanna, DDS One of the greatest rewards about practicing complete dentistry is that we have the ability to take complete control of our patient’s care from start to finish. Complete dentistry requires us to examine our patient’s masticatory system as a functioning unit. This is much like a quarterback who looks at […]

5 Essential Skills for Interdisciplinary Treatment

It is such a great time to be a dentist. We are so lucky to have such wonderful specialists that are available to us, to be able to deliver complete dentistry to all of our patients. But, we should be a specialist in our own right, to have the ability to lead those around us, […]

Questions you should be asking your specialists and lab technicians.

As general dentists, we methodically work through a patient’s problem list, taking patient specific wants and needs into consideration, to create a roadmap for optimum oral health.  Together with the help of our patient and our team, we strive to create a masterpiece that, once completed, restores our patient back to health physically and emotionally. […]

How to Deal with Another Dentist’s Mistake

At one point or another in your career, you’ll likely have a patient that was treated by another dentist who made some sort of mistake.

Tips for Communicating With Your Orthodontist

  As we deal with our functional interdisciplinary team, one of the most important and probably difficult specialists for you is going to be your orthodontist, and communicating with the orthodontist can be a bit of a problem. First off, if you can find an orthodontist that actually believes in function and joint position, you’re […]

Quick Tip- Tips for Communicating With Your Periodontist

Today we’re going to talk about tips for working with your periodontist. When you have that anterior restorative case where you need to change the gingival contours so you have nice symmetry to create a nice picture frame for the beautiful restorations that you’re going to place, here’s some tips on how to work with […]

How to Market to Specialists

Today what we’re going to talk about is how do we market to the specialists? As Dawson dentists, Dr. Dawson will always tell us that we really need to surround ourself with excellent specialists that understand the philosophy and care of how we want to treat our patients, both functionally and esthetically. How do we go […]

How General Dentists Can Find a Great Orthodontist

When we start our search for an orthodontist, it’s important that, actually, it’s the right orthodontist. A lot of people will be very willing to work with you, but the biggest challenge is having someone that wants to work on our team and is looking for the same goals as we are.

Webinar: How to Successfully Diagnose and Treat TMD

As Dr. Dawson has said, “Successful outcomes for patients with temporomandibular disorders can be some of the most rewarding experiences in a general dental practice.” In a study of over 45,000 households, 1 in 5 have suffered from orofacial pain in the last 6 months, illustrating the large opportunity our profession has to provide successful outcomes that can […]