Effects of Disharmony Between the TMJs and Occlusion

If I were writing the curriculum for a four-year dental education, I would start in the freshman year by asking the question, “How does disharmony between the TMJ’s and the occlusion cause harm?”  I would then tell every student that this question will be a dominant centerpiece for their dental education.  I would let them know […]
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Dawson Quick Tip: Classification of TMJ Disorders

People always ask me about classifications of TMJ disorders and where I find somebody can be treated and where they cannot be treated, when we have to consider splint therapy and other avenues of treatment of the joint.

How to Treat Unstable or Uncomfortable TMJs

When dealing with a symptomatic or a suspected TMD patient, we want to follow a series of protocols, no different, really, than we deal with most of our patients.

Dentists: Why should you load test the TMJ’s?

Properly loading the joints tells you several things about the root cause of some patients’ problems. This will also determine how functionally stable the patients is. Let’s start with the first item.

Webinar – Functional Occlusion: What You Didn’t Learn in Dental School

Discover how to unlock practice, professional, and personal growth with us.

Dental Webinar | How-to Overcome the Struggle with TMJ Patients

Struggling with TMJ patients? You’re not alone. Find out what you might be missing alongside our Clinical Director and panel of expert faculty. In this free dental webinar, we’re focusing on everything TMJ–from anatomy to treatment planning to various forms of muscle pain. You’ll understand how the TMJ plays a pivotal role in the Complete […]