Treatment Planning

How to effectively treatment sequence any case

One of the questions I get a lot from dentists who have been through our classes, and they really are treatment planning their cases well, is, how do I sequence their cases? And sequencing the case correctly can help with profitability and predictability. So let’s have a few thoughts about that.

Creative Dental Treatment Planning

One thing that becomes quickly apparent, when seeing many patients with unusual and difficult histories, is how often we must make decisions, based on scientifically based logic, when textbook answers are not available for each and every situation. I had an interesting case in point a couple of weeks ago. A patient I restored last […]

Doppler Auscultation in Dental Treatment Planning

One of our most important decisions in our dental treatment planning process is the treatment position of the TMJ. An easy and effective adjunctive screening tool for TMJ Health is Doppler Auscultation. Listening to our patient’s joints is an important step in the TMJ-Occlusal Exam process. The use of a Doppler in dentistry was developed […]

Dental Treatment Planning for Better or Worse

In this video featured by Dental Products Report, Dr. Andrew Cobb goes over how dental treatment planning can sometimes be more complicated than expected. He shares the secret to avoiding failed treatment plans and to providing beautiful, predictable restorations.

No Fail Dental Treatment Planning

Patients seek the assistance of our profession for many concerns, some of which include disease prevention, relief of pain, and cosmetic improvements.  With so many patients from different backgrounds presenting for an array of reasons, it is very reasonable to question how can you, the dentist, create an accurate treatment plan for each of these […]

50 Pearls of Wisdom from Dr. Peter Dawson

Through large amounts of research and experience as a practicing dentist, Dr. Dawson has gained an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to dentistry. In this free eBook, you will receive:

Protocol of the Functional-Esthetic Matrix

As more patients are saving their teeth into their golden years, the desire for a more beautiful smile has become one of the most powerful incentives for a visit to the dentist.  The essential ingredient to success in dental esthetics is the commitment to the best interests of the patient.  It is our responsibility therefore […]

Why Dental Photography is Important to an Accurate Diagnosis

By: Dr. Neeraj Khanna The importance of photography in dentistry cannot be underestimated. It has many purposes, like internal & external marketing or communication with specialists and laboratories. Its greatest importance, though, is to accurately diagnose conditions.

Preparation Design: Beginning with the End in Mind

I wanted to share with you some traditional principles of crown preparation as well as some esthetic and functional techniques that I have found to be useful in my practice. For all types of crown preparations the key principles still apply including retention form or parallel walls to prevent displacement of the crown along its […]