Audience: Clinical Team

  • Is Splint Therapy Always a Safe Treatment Option?

    Instructors: Leonard Hess Lessons: 1 Category: Runtime: 51:14

    Splints are more than just a piece of plastic you give to patients when you don't know what else to do with them. Learn the cases when to administer each kind of occlusal splint in this short webinar.

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  • Malocclusion and Breathing Disorders: Uncovering Their Relationship

    Instructors: DeWitt Wilkerson Lessons: 1 Category: , Runtime: 1:02:37

    Malocclusion and Breathing Disorders

    In this webinar, Dr. Wilkerson uncovers the relationship between malocclusion and breathing disorders. Learn what to look for when screening for airway disorders and the result of leaving these disorders untreated

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  • Airway Orthodontics-An Introduction to the New Paradigm

    Instructors: Ari Forgosh Lessons: 1 Category: , Runtime: 1:02:27

    Dr. Barry Raphael discuss how many of our dental school and residency orthodoxies are now very different than what was taught. He'll turn your thinking about Sleep Dentistry around, too. Traditionally, in orthodontics we align the teeth first, set the occlusion, get the jaws to balance and match the joints, hope the muscles will follow the form, and see about the airway last (if at all). In Airway Orthodontics, we reverse our priorities. The health of the airway comes first, then we balance posture and musculature so that the jaws can grow fully and have plenty of room for the teeth to come in straight. And that's not the only way of thinking that has been turned on its head!

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  • Navigating the Insurance Discussion With Patients

    Lessons: 1 Category: , Runtime: 0:28:21

    Webinar on Talking about Dental Insurance

    Navigating the insurance discussion with your patients is one of the most challenging parts of being a dentist. Outside of the cost of treatment, no other area makes dentists more uncomfortable or frustrated. Discover tips for successfully leading these conversations.

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  • Top 4 Reasons Patients Delay Treatment and How to Prevent Them

    Lessons: 1 Category: Runtime: 0:45:24

    Reasons Patients Delay Treatment

    Why do so many patients use ‘no money’ as the reason when delaying dental treatment? Could there actually be another reason why patients use money as an excuse? In this 45 minute webinar, the Primespeak team will talk through the real reasons why patients delay or avoid treatment. You will learn how your own communication causes patients to mistrust you and avoid saying ‘yes’ to quality dental treatment.

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  • The More Complete 'Complete Dentist'

    Instructors: DeWitt Wilkerson Lessons: 1 Category: Runtime: 0:49:49

    More Complete Dentist

    You can really get involved in the broader spectrum of dentistry, taking the concepts that we’ve learned at The Dawson Academy and expanding those into the whole body. In what areas can a dental team identify and help manage systemic inflammation? Learn the answer in this webinar.

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