Course Category: Materials

  • Using Composite to Create a Stable Occlusion

    Instructors: Ian Buckle Lessons: 1 Category: , Runtime: 1:02:01

    In this presentation, Dr. Ian Buckle will discuss and describe methods to utilize composite to create occlusal stability both temporarily and as a transitional phase.

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  • Why Porcelain Chips and Breaks

    Instructors: JohnCranham Lessons: 1 Category: , , Runtime: 00:41:21

    Why Porcelain Breaks

    In this webinar, Dr. Cranham discusses the elements involved in perfecting an occlusion to insure predictability in restorations. Topics Covered: Insuring a perfected occlusion with centric stops, what to do when back teeth rub, anterior guidance, tooth preparation (under and over), proper coping design, and materials.

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