• Anterior Guidance: Myth or Reality

    Instructors: Doyle Freano, Peter Dawson Lessons: 1 Category: , Runtime: 0:41:05

    Anterior Guidance Webinar

    In this webinar, Dr. Dawson will be discussing in depth for our audience the often debated concepts of Anterior Guidance. This discussion includes understanding how the envelope of function, incisal edge position, and lingual contours work in harmony with the anatomy of the TMJ and muscles of mastication, which are concepts that must be mastered by the restorative dentist. Hear him revisit timeless principles that he has spent a career and lifetime in understanding and teaching to our profession.

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  • The Pathway to Predictability Webinar

    Instructors: JohnCranham Lessons: 1 Category: , Runtime: 0:43:49

    Pathway to Predictability Webinar

    Have you noticed that some cases don't turn out quite like you expected? These are the cases that keep many dentists up at night. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent failures in your dental practice. In this webinar, Dr. Cranham discusses how to develop a protocol where you can have success with simple to complex cases.

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  • Dental Implants By The Numbers

    Instructors: Thomas Dawson Lessons: 1 Category: Runtime: 0:07:00

    Dental Implants Webinar

    It's time we begin to think about the implant process differently. We have been driven by a number of market factors in dental implant treatment: those of the implant companies, those of our surgeons and so on. Yet, all of us know that this should be a prosthetically driven process, but who is making the decisions? We would all agree that we need an implant team to provide the best possible implant services. And that would be a team of the restorative dentist, surgeon and the laboratory. Yet, often there is a disorganization of the three or lack of communication overall. Or, it could be as simple as not being on the same page with the numbers we need to know. No matter how we do this, the only way we can have predictable results is to have the correct information and the correct sequence for everything we do regarding our implant services.

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  • The More Complete 'Complete Dentist'

    Instructors: DeWitt Wilkerson Lessons: 1 Category: Runtime: 0:49:49

    More Complete Dentist

    You can really get involved in the broader spectrum of dentistry, taking the concepts that we’ve learned at The Dawson Academy and expanding those into the whole body. In what areas can a dental team identify and help manage systemic inflammation? Learn the answer in this webinar.

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  • How to Effectively Equilibrate the Natural Dentition

    Instructors: JohnCranham Lessons: 1 Category: , , Runtime: 1:00:13

    Equilibrating Natural Dentition

    Following proper diagnosis and treatment planning, occlusal equilibration can provide selected patients with the most conservative, predictable and safest treatment possible. Occlusal equilibration can often help avoid the need for more complex treatments. Dentists who have developed proficiency in equilibration universally agree it is one of the most practical skills they use routinely in practice. […]

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  • Why Porcelain Chips and Breaks

    Instructors: JohnCranham Lessons: 1 Category: , , Runtime: 00:41:21

    Why Porcelain Breaks

    In this webinar, Dr. Cranham discusses the elements involved in perfecting an occlusion to insure predictability in restorations. Topics Covered: Insuring a perfected occlusion with centric stops, what to do when back teeth rub, anterior guidance, tooth preparation (under and over), proper coping design, and materials.

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  • How to Create a Patient-Centered Treatment Plan

    Instructors: Andrew Cobb Lessons: 1 Category: , , Runtime: 1:1:55

    Patient Centered Dental Treatment

    Tooth decay, periodontal disease, endodontic issues, tooth wear, mobility, migration, muscle soreness, TMD and esthetic issues are a few of the potential problems facing our patients. Despite the desire to correct the patient’s problems with the least amount of dentistry, oftentimes extensive dentistry is required. Unfortunately, due to financial restrictions patients may be unable to get the needed treatment.

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  • Digital Dentistry- Endless Possibilities

    Instructors: JohnCranham, Doyle Freano Lessons: 1 Category: , , , Runtime: 1:01:19

    Digital Dentistry

    We all know dentistry is evolving into a digital world. Our future success will hinge in part on our ability to incorporate new technologies that give us more efficient methods while retaining our individual creativity and artistry. The only thing certain in our practice is that it will continue to change and evolve, so I am sure you will not want to miss this opportunity to explore the horizons with us.

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  • Integrating the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard to Increase Case Acceptance

    Instructors: LarryGuzzardo, Doyle Freano Lessons: 1 Category: , , Runtime: 56:17

    Dental Treatment Planning Software

    In this webinar we will discuss the topic “Integrating the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard to Increase Case Acceptance”. The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard is a software program that incorporates patient photos, the 2-D and 3-D checklists into a visual format that not only helps the doctor plan the treatment, but communicate with the dental lab and patient.

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  • Treatment Planning Made Easy With the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard

    Instructors: JohnCranham, Doyle Freano Lessons: 1 Category: , , Runtime: 55:22

    Dental Treatment Planning Software Webinar

    Dr. John Cranham will be sharing with us The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard, a new software product he and Dr. Drew Cobb developed for dentists to better implement Dawson methods and principles. The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard takes the guesswork out of case workups and treatment planning. I know you’ll appreciate what it can do for you and your patients.

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