TMD & Facial Pain

Dental Continuing Education Courses on TMD and Facial Pain

In a study of over 45,000 households, 1 in 5 have suffered from orofacial pain in the last 6 months, illustrating the large opportunity our profession has to provide successful outcomes that can greatly impact patients’ lives.

In order to effectively treat patients with TMD, we must first be able to accurately diagnose the root of their pain and then predictably treat them. Unfortunately, most dentists do not feel prepared or confident to do either.

From these courses learn to evaluate, diagnose and treatment TMD and facial pain patients.

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TMD Patients: Diagnosis & Treatment

  • Saint Petersburg, FL

You’ll build upon your existing skills to master a systematic approach for diagnosing and managing patients with TMD pathology, covering comprehensive evaluation, differential diagnosis, and effective treatment strategies. Expand your practice and confidently navigate complex cases for lasting occlusal comfort for your patients with TMD related issues.

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