Wizard 3.0 Update

Installation Instructions

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Technical Support

Still having trouble installing or getting the Wizard to function? Contact support at the number below.

Call: 435-200-4131
Email: support@dawsonwizard.com
Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm EST

Administrative Support

Have a question about your Wizard account? Call The Dawson Academy

Call: 800-952-2178
Email Us
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm EST

Frequently Asked Questions

How many computers can I install the Wizard on?

You can install the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard software on as many computers as you’d like.

How do I reset my password?

Your username and password for your Dawson Diagnostic Wizard account is different from the Dawson Academy website. You can reset your Wizard password by going to http://dawsonwizard.com/ForgotPassword.

Why won’t my Dawson Diagnostic Wizard Software work?

The following may be reasons your Dawson Diagnostic Wizard Software isn’t working:

  • Internet Connection: Check your internet connection to make sure it is working.
  • Unsupported/Old Version: If you installed the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard prior to February 2015, you may be trying to run the previous, unsupported version from Guru. Click here for Uninstall/Reinstall instructions for a PC. Click here for Uninstall/Reinstall instructions for a Mac.
  • Wrong Username/Password: Your Dawson Diagnostic Wizard account will not work if you are using the wrong username and/or password. Your Dawson Diagnostic Wizard account is a different account than your Dawson Academy website account. To reset your password go to http://dawsonwizard.com/ForgotPassword. For further assistance contact Support at support@dawsonwizard.com or 435-200-4131 between 10am-4pm MST.
  • Account Expired: Your Dawson Diagnostic Wizard may not be working if your trial ended or your account is not up-to-date with payments. For questions about your account status, contact The Dawson Academy at 800-952-2178 or by filling out the Contact Us Form found in the upper right corner of the website.