Dawson Webinar Series: The Inflammation-Airway-TMD Connection

Speaker: Leonard A. Hess, DDS

You have heard about centric relation your whole career, and yet most likely you don’t actually understand it. The good news is…..you are not alone. It is time for you to understand the true significance of one of the most important concepts in dentistry. It is time for you to experience the predictability and profitability that CR brings.

If you weren’t able to make our Watch it Wednesday Webinar, you’re in luck! You can watch the recording below.

Thank you for all those who attended and brought your questions to us! Stay tuned to our social media to learn when our next free Watch it Wednesday dental webinar.


Learning Objectives from this Dental Webinar:

  • Learn how joint health and position drastically influence restoration longevity
  • Understand the occlusal concepts which lead to patient comfort
  • Most restorative failures are avoidable, learn how this impacts the bottom line

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