Discover How to Provide Great, Predictable Dentistry

What do you think of when you hear ‘Great Dentistry’? Worn teeth, uncomfortable bites, broken or chipped teeth, redos, missing teeth, frustrated dentists, or unhappy patients?

Us either.

Unfortunately, most Dentists (and patients) come across all of these problems far too often. And each of those problems can be prevented. We can teach you how.

We’ll not only teach you how to provide great dentistry, we’ll have you loving it again.

We do this by teaching you how to implement specific practices and systems that will guarantee predictability, longevity and beauty in your dentistry – every day. By incorporating sound principles into your practice, you will stop wasting time and effort and will start having more fun.

And you can rest assured that the skills and techniques taught are validated not only by extensive, published research, but also by the lasting results achieved by our faculty and students for over 50 years.