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    I am currently experiencing gum recession that my dentist thinks may be a result of teeth grinding during the night. He says that the constant pressure may be creating too much stress on the teeth and therefore mayking the gums receed. I have my doubts about this theory but cannot afford another gum graft ( $ 1,400 for one tooth) so I am checking out other alternatives to possibly keep the gums from receeding further.My problem is this: I use an Opus mask that I am able to tolerate over FFM (which I was prescribed by my sleep doc) and tape my face to keep my lips closed during the night. So this method has been my “go to” therapy for the last 5 yrs. and because of problems with a small face structure etc. I have an almost impossible time finding a FFM to fit and be comfortable. I also have LOTS of trouble with aerophagia and FF masks seem to ad to the problem.So, I have a pile of problems to consider when making changes to my cpap therapy and I just purchased a new Opus mask about 3 mos. ago and cannot afford to buy another mask. I am currently working limited hours since the company I work for has had a decrease in work.My question is this: has anyone had similar troubles with bruxism and what solutions did you try. I know there are OTC appliances that one can purchase and I have tried them but because I have some crooked teeth in the from they do not comform to my bite and therfore were a waste of money. I’ve tried two different brands. I am at a loss as to what to do- I have an appt. with my periodontist next week to assess the gum recession problem but he has already recommended another gum graft-another $1,400 that I can ill afford and I am considering an appt. with my regular dentist to assess the cost of a custom dental appliance to help with the clenching of my jaws but I doubt that I will be able to use the Opus and tape my lips if the idea of the appliance is to keep my jaw open during the night. Won’t that increase my apneas???
    WHAT TO DO???? Any suggestions out there???????

    Please help.

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    I am also taking my daughter to dentist Hermosa Beach this weekend because she has started to grind her teeth a lot. I am scared if it is a big problem. One must look out for a good dentist and stick to him for as long as possible. I am grateful that I have found this one.



    Hi Kevin,

    We’d recommend seeing a Dawson Trained Dentist to get a recommendation. You can find one near you at

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