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    probably will be getting dentures. My teeth have had it. That means teeth pulled and stitches in my gums (I have gingivitis, untreated or uncleaned for the last three years). According to my gf, it takes time for the pulling teeth and stitches to heal and I might have a problem healing by using my full face mask at its high pressure of 20/11.I also don’t want to be swallowing blood while I sleep with my mask.Anyone have any experience with having teeth pulled/getting dentures while using a machine/mask at high pressure for apnea? Is there anything to worry about?Of course I did call my doctor and he told me to go ahead but (those of you who read my other posts know) I don’t trust this doctor.Other problems: Low testosterone, having more tests done. Lack of ability to breathe at work, no windows in this post office, filthy air, lots of big machines where I work. Used to be a heavy smoker and didn’t care or notice, I chained smoked and slept in an unventilated and full of smoke room with a computer. Once I quit smoking, I became VERY aware and now should be tested for carbon monoxide poisoning……………also may have gerd and I still wake up at onset of sleep unless I use ambien.

    Please help.

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