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    Hi all!! I am new to this site and currently encountering a problem with one clinical scenario. I have a patient who has difficulty in complete mouth opening due to pain in the left TMJ are. The opening is 2 finger wide. There is tenderness on the left TMJ area on right lateral excursion and protrusion. Pain is also aggravated on chewing and clenching. There is history of clicking and jaw lock in the past. Missing LL6,UL6 and UR6. My diagnosis is spasm of the left lateral pterygoid. Anti inflammatory and muscle relaxants do not work and finally an anterior deprogramming splint is given and is used at night time for 2 weeks which has relieved the tenderness a bit but the mouth opening is still not improved. Patient is losing hope in the treatment and is depressed. I have attached the patient’s OPG. Please help

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