Live Stream | CBCT for the Complete Care Practice

Through this course, Dr. Tamimi will demonstrate her systematic method for evaluating a CBCT volume that enables the clinician to find these morphologic changes that are characteristic of specific types of dysfunction, such as those associated with degenerative joint disease, sleep-disordered breathing, and others.
Dental CE Live Stream Complete Care Dawson Academy

Live Stream | The Essentials of Complete Care Dentistry

Do you know our essentials to providing Complete Care? Join Dr. Johnson and uncover The Dawson Academy's systematic approach to Complete examinations, records gathering, and treatment planning processes. You'll discover how these tactics lead to less stress and increased production and patient happiness.
Equilibration Live Stream Dental CE

Live Stream | How Equilibration is a Balancing Act of Form and Function

Join Senior Faculty Member, Dr. Neeraj Khanna, and unlock the many benefits of proper equilibration, including patient comfort and satisfaction – and increased confidence in yourself as a Complete dentist.
TMD Course Dental CE Dawson

Live Stream | How to Become Your Own TMD Expert

Unfortunately, very little education is received in dental school to guide us on the subject of temporomandibular disorders, and astute diagnosticians are few and far between. The primary purpose of this dental CE course is to help you develop an understanding and the systems to become your own TMD expert.
Complete Exam and Records Live Stream CE Dawson Academy

Live Stream | Establishing Examination and Records for Complete Care

In this course, you’ll learn how to implement our Complete examination protocols into your practice including: an in-depth look at how-to conduct facebow records, record centric relation, and control quality during the entire process.

Keys for Predictably Fabricating Complete Dentures

This denture course is designed to review basic removable prosthodontic principles and techniques so that the dentist will have a higher level of confidence when making his/her next set of complete dentures. Whether it be conventional complete dentures, immediate dentures or a setup trying for an implant-supported prosthesis, understanding where the teeth need to be esthetically, functionally and phonetically is paramount for success.

Airway & Breathing Related Disorders – Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment

This hands-on workshop will enable the dentist to develop specific clinical guidelines for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of Airway & Breathing Related Disorders. Participants will learn how to examine and test patients, along with phase one management options. Phase two management options, which may include arch expansion and reorganization of the dental occlusion, following the Dawson Principles will be explored.

Complete Team Dentistry

This two-day program is designed for the Dentist and the key team members from the business and clinical staff. The purpose is for the team to come home with a unified vision of how to schedule, the specific roles of each team member in the new patient process, the required verbal skills both on the phone and chairside, and the programmed approach to case presentation. This is a retreat that will ignite the potential within your practice.

Hygienist’s Role in Supporting Complete Dentistry

Designed to parallel the dentists’ curriculum, this dental hygiene course will reinforce the hygienist’s vital role in bringing the practice full circle for the development of optimum oral health and longevity for all patients!

Digital Solutions for Complete Dentistry

An organized and systematic approach is required to evaluate, diagnose and resolve esthetic/functional problems predictably. For many years we have understood an analogue workflow to this systemic approach. The digital world allows us to not only reproduce that system, but also to improve predictability, efficiency and productivity. During this course you learn a complete digital workflow from records to producing the final result.