Dental CE Curriculum
Course Description

This restorative dentistry course how to implement a process of occlusal therapy within their dental practice.  Equilibration is a cornerstone for treatment of occlusal disease, and as such, any dentist who wishes to practice complete dentistry must know how to perform all aspects of it correctly. As a participant, you will discover the importance of the trial equilibration and be given the opportunity to adjust several different case types to ensure your complete understanding of the material presented.  This complete dentistry dental continuing education course includes lectures, videos of patient treatment, and hands-on exercises to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to return home and implement occlusal treatments in your practice on Monday morning.

The examination and accompanying records are the first steps in the process of complete dentistry. This hands-on program will cover all aspects of the exam and records process.

Course Size: 20

Learning Objectives
  • Design a stable, minimal stress occlusion (lines on the front, dots on the back).
  • Recognize when to equilibrate your patient, and when other options should be considered.
  • Identify how to schedule the equilibration appointment.
  • Choose appropriate articulation paper to mark each type of occlusal interference.
  • Assess when an occlusal splint should be considered prior to reshaping, repositioning or restoring.
  • Evaluate how to efficiently equilibrate the natural dentition.
  • Select, train and work with a dental assistant to efficiently adjust an occlusal splint and/or equilibrate the dentition.
  • Verify when to use a full arch occlusal splint, and when to use an anterior deprogramming appliance.
Course Details

Target Audience: General Dentists, Specialists

CE Credits: 20

CE Codes: #010 (1.5L), #130 (.5L), #180 (4L, 5P) and #730 (3.5L, 5.5P)

Class Hours: Day 1 and 2 – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Day 3 – 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Optional Dinner – The class typically goes to dinner together after class of Day 1. Spouses are welcome to join.

Tuition: $5,395

Recommended Prerequisite: Functional Occlusion- From TMJ to Smile Design, Examination and Records, Treatment Planning Functional Esthetic ExcellenceAchieving Predictable Esthetic Results

Course Dates & Locations

  1. March 5 - March 7

    St. Petersburg, FL (The Dawson Academy)

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  2. September 24 - September 26

    St. Petersburg, FL (The Dawson Academy)

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  3. October 1 - October 3

    Chesapeake, VA (Mid Atlantic Center for Advanced Dental Studies))

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  4. November 5 - November 7

    Dayton Dental Collaborative

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  5. November 12 - November 14

    East Hanover, NJ (Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry)

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