Building upon the concepts presented in Esthetic Foundations 1.0, this course focuses on the essential skills needed to provide beautiful esthetics with minimal invasion through the use of orthodontics, direct and indirect “non-prep” procedures.

Orthodontics can greatly impact the need for tooth preparation, and even minor tooth movement can significantly enhance the success of a case. Examples of techniques for moving teeth will be presented and illustrated with cases.

Direct restorations are one of the most valuable, conservative and cost-effective services a clinician can provide. Through hands-on exercises, participants will learn to predictably replace missing tooth structure so that it invisibility dissolves into the surrounding dentition. The advent of “non-prep” restorations is exciting, but an amazingly challenging process that requires a new skill set for both the clinician and the ceramist. In this program, through the use of case documentation and video, the key aspects in understanding this new protocol will be illustrated.

Course Size: 20

Course Dates

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