Dental Continuing Education Curriculum

Examination and Records is one of the most important dental courses that a dentist will master on the path to complete dentistry. The cornerstone of the Dawson philosophy begins with a thorough comprehensive examination and the gathering of necessary records accurately. As Dr. Dawson says “every great treatment plan comes from a well organized Records appointment”.

The examination and accompanying records are the first step in the process of complete dentistry. This hands-on program will cover all aspects of the exam and records process.

Course Size: 20

Course Dates & Locations

  1. September 10 - September 12

    Dayton Dental Collaborative

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  2. October 1 - October 3

    Dallas, TX (Texas Oral Surgery Specialists)

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  3. October 22 - October 24

    St. Petersburg, FL (The Dawson Academy)

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