Every dentist encounters cases of moderate to severely worn dentition, but very few know how to confidently plan and deliver successful treatment, especially when financial constraints are present.
In this cosmetic dentistry course we will be looking at:

  • All of the ways teeth wear down
  • The specific protocols that must be used to solve each problem both functionally and esthetically
  • How to solve the problem when financial constraints do not exist
  • How to solve the problem when a treatment plan must be broken up and done over time.

Cases of bulimia, GERD, bruxism, sleep apnea, the restricted envelope of function, abfraction, and toothpaste abrasion will be reviewed. Special emphasis will be placed on teaching you several methods to provide direct and indirect “transitional bonding”  techniques for your patients. These are must-know techniques in order have success in solving advanced occlusal problems in your practice.

Course Size: 20

Course Dates

There are no scheduled course dates at this time.