Dental Occlusion Curriculum

Dentists have no choice but to be exceptional problem solvers in order to predictably help their patients. The root cause of worn teeth, fractured/cracked teeth, sore muscles, TMJ issues, and more is most often the occlusion, yet it is sadly misunderstood or overlooked by the vast majority of dental practitioners. Do you want to be a clinician that eliminates failures, increases confidence, and boosts productivity?

  • Identify the 10 factors critical to a stable occlusion resulting in the long-term success of general and cosmetic cases
  • Explain how to identify, prior to treatment, which patients pose a risk of future instability
  • Determine tooth positioning for orthodontics, veneers, crowns, or implant-supported restorations
  • Understand how-to eliminate porcelain chips and breakage
  • Utilize checklists for functional-esthetic analysis and treatment planning
  • Employ diagnostic records for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Define a thorough examination process and how to implement in practice
  • Recognize how occlusion saves time, increases profitability, and reduces stress
  • How-to design a stable, minimal stress occlusion on teeth or implants
  • Summarize why predictable patient outcomes result from a stable occlusion and how to identify, in advance of treatment, which patients present a high risk
  • Plan to choose the best treatment options (reshape, orthodontics, restorative, orthognathic) to solve any occlusal/esthetic problem

Course Dates

  1. March 12 - March 13

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  2. June 11 - June 12

    Live Online Broadcast

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  3. October 15 - October 16

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