Dental Occlusion Curriculum
Course Description

This dental seminar is the recommended first step in our dental seminars continuing education. As the foundational seminar in the “Concept of Complete Dentistry® Series,” you will learn the timeless message that good, esthetic and complete dentistry must begin with a thorough understanding of dental occlusion and the functions of the masticatory system.

The cornerstone of The Dawson Academy philosophy is a comprehensive understanding of how the TM joint, muscles, proprioceptive input, lower anterior teeth, upper anterior teeth, lower posterior teeth and upper posterior teeth are designed to function in harmony with one another.

Regardless of the latest trends in techniques or materials, these principles will remain the foundation of quality and complete dentistry. You will gain an insight and understanding that will change not only how you practice, but your enjoyment of the practice, as well.

We urge you to do what over 40,000 of your fellow dental professionals have already done. Come join us and start your journey along this proven path to success.

Learning Objectives
  • A scientifically based, practical approach to occlusal management in everyday practice.
  • The 10 factors critical to a stable occlusion and how applying them results in long-term success of your general and cosmetic cases.
  • How to identify, prior to treatment, which patients pose a risk of future instability.
  • An examination process that gets the esthetically driven patient to care about the functional implications critical to long-term success.
  • How to know precisely where teeth need to go for veneers, crowns, and implant supported restorations.
  • When it is safe to open vertical and when not to do so.
  • Why porcelain chips and breaks and how to eliminate breakage from your practice.
  • Step by step processes utilizing checklists for functional-esthetic analysis and treatment planning.
  • How to efficiently take the necessary diagnostic records for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • A thorough examination process and how to implement it in your practice.
  • How understanding occlusion saves you time, increases profitability and reduces stress.
Course Details

Target Audience: General Dentists, Specialists, Lab Technicians

CE Credits: 16

CE Codes: #180 (4L), #490 (2L), #550 (2L), #730 (7L) and #780 (1L)

Class Hours: Day 1 & 2 – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Optional Cocktail Party Day 1 following class. Spouses/guests welcome to join.

Instructors: Andrew Cobb, DDS; John C. Cranham, DDS; Leonard Hess, DDS

Tuition: $1,695 per doctor or technician

Recommended Prerequisites: None

Course Dates

  1. February 7 - February 8

    St. Petersburg, FL (Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront)

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  2. April 30 - May 1

    New York, NY (AMA Executive Conference Center)

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  3. June 11 - June 12

    San Francisco, CA (AMA Conference Center)

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  4. September 17 - September 18

    Dallas, TX (Cain Watters & Associates, LLC)

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  5. October 8 - October 9

    Clearwater Beach, FL (Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach)

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