The primary purpose of this dental CE course is to help you develop an understanding and the systems to become your own TMD expert. You will apply knowledge of occlusion and centric relation as a great foundation to build upon. TMD is a head and neck syndrome that affects millions of people. Patients often inquire about sore masticatory muscles, clenching and grinding of their teeth, headaches, clicking temporomandibular joints, and chronic fatigue. Unfortunately, very little education is received in dental school to guide us on the subject of temporomandibular disorders, and astute diagnosticians are few and far between. 

So where do we turn for help? At The Dawson Academy, we believe that you are your own best resource – with a little help! We are excited to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you may be missing to diagnose and treat TMD-related issues in this live stream course.

Can’t make it live? All registrants get 30-day access to the course recording and CE.

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