In 2017, the ADA adopted an official policy statement on dentistry’s role in treating obstructive sleep apnea and similar disorders. The adopted policy emphasizes that “dentists are the only health care provider with the knowledge and expertise to provide oral appliance therapy (OAT).” 

In this dental CE live stream course, you will learn how to assess a patient’s risk for a Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder (SRBD) with insight on why and when to refer them to an appropriate physician. Furthermore, you will understand how Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS) in children can be less obvious, more subtle, and potentially more damaging. 

Associate Faculty Member, Dr. Joe Gaudio, will demonstrate what to look for in the visual and physical assessment of a child starting with their face. You will be able to identify the key credentials–whether physical or soft tissue–of airway and breathing to help prevent improper growth and development within children.

Ultimately, this course is dedicated to the dentist’s responsibility to evaluate and support child growth and development through general practice–so they can thrive healthily as adults.

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