Dental Continuing Education Curriculum
Course Description

Achieving Predictable Esthetic Results is the second of the dental seminars in the Dawson Academy’s “Concept of Complete Dentistry® Series.” This restorative dentistry course will provide the students with the procedural knowledge to do contemporary restorative procedures at the highest level. This dental continuing education seminar will leave each student with a clear understanding of the four options of treatment: Reshaping, Repositioning, Restoring and Surgical alternatives.

Preliminary mouth preparation such as necessary periodontal procedures and occlusal equilibration will be covered in detail. Necessary soft tissue surgical procedures that will provide an ideal gingival backdrop will also be presented. Tooth preparation for crowns and veneers will be understood by each participant. Soft tissue management in conjunction with final impressioning techniques will be discussed in detail. Provisional restorations, bite registration techniques, laboratory communication and cementation/adhesive options will be a cornerstone of this presentation.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to prevent breakage and failure of anterior restorations.
  • Acquire information to maximize function and longevity of anterior restorative dentistry.
  • List the goals of every finished equilibration.
  • Identify the expanded 4×4 process to 16 functional and esthetic requirements.
  • Assess how to efficiently equilibrate the natural dentition and when to use splints in the process.
  • Distinguish when veneers, all ceramic crowns, zirconia, or metal ceramic crowns are the right choice for your patient.
  • Discover the keys to efficient and correct tooth reduction for veneers and crowns.
  • Communicate esthetic gingival position to your Periodontist and Orthodontist.
  • Acquire the key components of lab communication – what to send when.
  • Appraise the value of equilibration in everyday restorative practice.
  • Identify the 10 steps to contouring provisional restorations for optimum phonetics, esthetics, and function, and why this will change your practice forever.
  • Plan how to create a customized anterior guidance for each of your anterior restorative cases.
Course Details

Instructor: Peter E. Dawson, DDS, Glenn DuPont, DDS, John Cranham, DDS

CE Credits: 12

CE Codes: #182 (2), #180 (1), #495 (1), #557 (1), #734 (5) and #780 (2)

Runtime: 12 hours

Format: Video + Manual

Tuition: $999 for 12 month access

Target Audience: General Dentists, Specialists, Laboratory Technicians

Recommended Prerequisites: Functional Occlusion- From TMJ to Smile Design, Examination and RecordsTreatment Planning Functional Esthetic Excellence