Before your next restoration, make sure you’re seeing the whole picture.

Without considering the TMJs, muscles, anterior teeth, posterior teeth, and the airway on even the most simple restoration, you can run into some big problems: These problems include worn teeth, uncomfortable bites, broken or chipped teeth, sore muscles, missing teeth, oro-facial pain, and loose teeth.

We’ll not only teach you how to diagnose & treat every case predictably, we’ll have you loving dentistry again.

We do this by teaching you how to implement a checklist style approach to diagnosis & treatment that will guarantee predictability, longevity and beauty in your dentistry – every day. By incorporating sound principles into your practice, you will stop wasting time and effort and will start having more fun.

And you can rest assured that the skills and techniques taught are validated not only by extensive, published research, but also by the lasting results achieved by our faculty and students for over 50 years.