Sleep Disordered Breathing: Effects on Children’s Growth and Development

Thanks for all who attended our Watch It Wednesday free dental webinar! If you couldn’t make it, we invite you to watch the broadcast below.

Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) is an epidemic, and it is imperative that dentists increase their knowledge and understanding of the significant links between breathing disorders and malocclusions in their patients. This course will provide the knowledge and skills to recognize signs and symptoms of SDB as well as outline specific treatment protocols to predictably treat a variety of issues related to sleep disordered breathing in children and teens.

child airway webinar

Dental Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • To describe and interpret research in the area of Sleep disordered breathing (SDB)
  • Demonstrate the impact of SDB on children through growth and development of occlusion
  • Formulate diagnosis & treatment planning protocols for SDB in children & teens
  • Review case studies where this knowledge has been applied

Watch the Webinar:

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What a Child’s Face Tells You About Their Airway

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