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Anterior/Posterior Prep Kit


Dr. Dawson has long recommended for the clinic to be completely organized. The interior/posterior preparation kit is designed for you in such that it has operative burs for direct resin dentistry. It contains two sets of veneer burs to be utilized whether you are doing a contact lens preparation or pressed ceramics, a series of crown and bridge burs that have both diamonds as well as carbide finishing burs and also a series of occlusal reduction burs for the posterior and reduction burs for the interior.



This bur kit was designed with efficiency in mind. Everything you should need to provide your patients the highest level of restorative dentistry is within this kit.

Depth cutter burs (LVS1 and LVS2) are specifically designed to allow quick and uniform reduction during prep. They are designed to automatically give the proper depth required for tooth prep. This kit is a multi-purpose/multi-material prep kit, as it has burs to prep for the following materials (all which require unique burs):

  • Regular stacked porcelain
  • Pressed porcelain
  • Zirconia
  • Gold/Pfm