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Composite Finishing Kit


The composite finishing kit is everything you need to take even the most roughened composite and turn it in to a life like surface mimicking natural enamel. In this kit, you will find points to work around margins , the ED 9‘s do a beautiful job in contouring the facial surfaces of the anterior teeth. OS burs are designed to work on the lingual and occlusal surfaces. Polishing tips and polishing cups are available as well as the mandrel for the finishing discs from Brasseler. We have found the organization of this kit is ideal for finishing both composite resin and porcelain. 



This kit mainly consists of Brasseler’s ET Series carbides. ET stands for “Esthetic Trimming.” This series of carbide burs is used to rapidly and accurately trim and finish composites. All of the carbides have a safe-ended, non-cutting tip to protect tissue. This series is the best-selling series of composite trimming and finishing burs in the country.

This kit includes three types of ET burs:

  1. Red stripe/8 blade carbide for rapid contouring of composite
  2. Yellow stripe/16 blade carbide for controlled contouring and finishing of composite
  3. White stripe/30 blade carbide for final finishing that leaves a milled, glass-like finish on the composite.


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