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Extra-Oral Porcelain Polishing Kit


Whether you are doing chair side cad cam dentistry or a full mouth rehabilitation, having to adjust porcelain and bring it back to a glazed surface is critical. The Dawson Academy in conjunction with Brasseler has put together a series of wheels and points to be used directly on porcelain. Once the case has been adjusted and the occlusion is ideal, use these points and tips to put a smooth glazed surface back on your beautiful dentistry.



This kit has Brasseler’s Dialite diamond-impregnated polishers for ceramics. This is the best-selling ceramic polishing system in the U.S. The kit has wheels and points designed to do the following:

  • Adjust the porcelain with the blue wheels and points
  • Pre-polish the porcelain with the pink wheels and points
  • Obtain a high-shine with the grey wheels and points

*Note: The high-shine gloss you quickly obtain with Dialite polishers is the same kind of shine you would get with a lab glaze, only it is less abarasive to opposing dentition than a lab glaze and you do it yourself in less time.



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