Recording | Mastering Resin Restorations (2022)


Dentistry has advanced tremendously in all fields with dentists being able to provide a wide array of clinical procedures. This advancement has been further accelerated by digital technology. However, at the core of dental procedures provided are your classic resin restorations, a treatment modality that is often overlooked and taken for granted. One often assumes that dentists have general proficiency with restorative treatment and yet there can be a high degree of variability in the final outcomes and success rates of restorations.

This course will be an exciting journey on ways to create exquisite resin restorations, with practical step by step approaches taught throughout. Clinical cases will be shown with detail including live videos.

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Original Air Date: 11/18/2022

Learning Objectives:

Posterior Restorations

  • Layering and Contouring — Techniques to use with building the restoration.
  • The Perfected Contact — Establishing Ideal contacts especially in difficult situations.
  • Quadrant Based Dentistry – How to properly sequence and restore multiple adjacent teeth.
  • The Use of Flowable Resin – When and how flowable resin can be used to create an excellent marginal seal.
  • Occlusal Adjustment and Anatomy – Final considerations with adjustment of the occlusion and specific anatomical features that will help make the restoration more successful.

Anterior Restorations

  • Layering and Contouring – Looking at the differences you should consider with layering anterior resin restorations (e.g. class 4 restoration) vs. posterior restorations.
  • Lingual Shelf – Establishing the foundation for layering the restoration with a well-designed putty matrix.
  • Creating Esthetic Anatomy – Building and contouring the anatomy (primary and secondary) needing to create natural looking restorations.
  • Final Polishing – A look at polishing techniques that will help to create the final desired lustre for the restoration.

CE Credits: 4

Instructor: Dr. Pio Modi

Tuition: $299


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