Recording | The Hygienist’s Role in Diagnosing Occlusal Problems (2022)


Oftentimes the hygienist is the first producer in the dental office to meet and treat patients; they gather most of the diagnostic information before the dentist is introduced.  Patients trust their hygienists and oftentimes ask for their “advice” on proposed treatment.   It is therefore prudent that every hygienist recognize the signs and symptoms of the most undiagnosed problem in a patient’s mouth- OCCLUSAL DISEASE.  It is also important that every hygienist know and understand the terminology to be able to explain these issues to a patient in preparation for the doctor’s examination.

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Original Air Date: 3/4/2022

Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying signs and symptoms of occlusal disease –signs of instability
  • Understanding Basic TMJ anatomy; why we use splints?
  • Defining the importance of occlusal guidance principles
  • Reviewing the Components of a complete examination
  • How to use photography / IO scans to communicate with patients
  • How and why do we record CR; why is it important?
  • How to explain findings in “patient-friendly” words (simple English)

CE Credits: 4

Instructor: Dr. Nicholas Rallis, DDS

Tuition: $299

Recommended Prerequisite: None


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