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“Goal-Directed Orthodontics”

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Textbook for Orthodontists

“One of the greatest challenges a Dawson trained Dentist faces is to find an Orthodontist with common treatment goals. ‘Goal Direct Orthodontics’ written by the followers of Ron Roth, beautifully describes how Orthodontics should be done. It is a must read by every interdisciplinary team.”  ~ John C Cranham DDS

Goal-Directed Orthodontics is a comprehensive 700-page book with twenty-four contributors from around the world. Although it is an orthodontic text, the book goes well beyond orthodontics. Due to the nature of the Goal-Directed Orthodontic Philosophy (GDOP), the content of this book has much to offer for general dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists and pediatric dentists. Though functional occlusion is a major component of GDOP, it is but one of the clear, measurable treatment goals applicable to all patients in all aspects of dentistry.


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