The Dawson Academy Coming Soon June 25 2021ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. June 18, 2021 – Today, The Dawson Academy announced the arrival of their new introductory course, Putting Your Practice in the Top 10% – A Protocol for Success. Full course details will be released and registration will open on Friday, June 25, 2021. The curriculum in this online seminar is optimized for the clinician’s journey towards work-life excellence following timeless and contemporary concepts and sets a new chapter in dental continuing education.

Founded by Dr. Peter Dawson, The Dawson Academy’s mission continues to make good dentists even better. Over the years, their culmination of tried-and-true principles, repeatable processes, and transformative implementations have influenced thousands of general practitioners around the world to be in the top 10% in their markets.

This new course will be led by Leonard A. Hess, DDS. Last December, Dr. Hess stepped in as Clinical Director of The Dawson Academy following the tenure of Dr. John Cranham.

“Over the years, Dr. Cranham and I worked alongside Dr. Peter Dawson to share with the world how to make dentistry predictable, rewarding, and most importantly–really fun. I’m looking forward to the years ahead as Clinical Director and want to thank Dr. Cranham and Dr. Dawson for the personal and professional impacts they’ve made in my life to guide me to this point. I’m humbled to be carrying Dr. Dawson’s life-changing education onward to practitioners everywhere, and I’m excited to begin incorporating new course material for continued success in this new age of dentistry,” said Dr. Hess.

Advancements in dentistry, like cosmetics, have had a monumental impact on the dental industry by giving dentists better care options, which result in higher revenue-earning service offerings. This has amplified the need to ensure that this work is grounded in the fundamentals of Complete Care Dentistry, which unfortunately most dental degrees do not have the time to thoroughly cover. This lack of grounding can lead to missed diagnoses and guesswork in advanced and even basic patient cases.

The Dawson Academy’s hope is to share what all of their faculty and students have discovered; their capstone course will put dentists on a track to providing unparalleled quality, comprehensive care to their patients. It is the Academy’s intention to bring knowledge of the masticatory system to a clinical mastery level and allow clinicians to be prominent performers in their communities while simultaneously incorporating new technologies and processes and prioritizing life away from work.

The Dawson Academy is dedicated to teaching dental professionals the principles and skills necessary for the successful practice of complete, predictable dentistry with concentrations in occlusion, the TMJs, esthetic restorative techniques, and treatment planning for large cases. The Dawson Academy takes pride in its unique hands-on, clinical approach. The golden standard of CE set by the Academy continues to help dentists and other professionals around the world through their online, in-person, and hybrid learning experiences.

Full course details will be released on Friday, June 25, 2021. Stay informed by subscribing to our communications below. Inquiries: [email protected]

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