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Below is a collection of videos and webinars produced by our faculty members covering a variety of topics. If you are new to The Dawson Academy, these video segments will provide you with overviews of topics covered in depth within our curriculum. If you are currently a student, they are great for refreshing your knowledge base.

Featured Webinar:
Implants & Technology – Where are we headed?

Length: 54:24

About This Webinar

Guest: Tom Dawson, DDS – Senior Dawson Academy Faculty member

Dr. Dawson recently joined the Academy having been a well known lecturer for many years at the Pankey Institute. He maintains a private practice in Mansfield, Texas. His area of expertise is implant dentistry and we are excited that he is bringing his talents and experience to our curriculum with a new course on Implants and Technology.

This webinar is an overview of the new technologies including new implant designs and methods to allow a predictable outcome for patients. You will receive an overview of important points to consider in the treatment planning, surgical placement and restorative phases.

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