Webinar: Dental Insurance Roundtable

Dental Insurance WebinarPatients love having dental coverage and employers compete for employees by subsidizing these benefits; all the while insurance companies profit handsomely connecting everyone through networks. Every single dental practice is affected by 3rd party dental benefit plans on a daily basis and this subject is the focus of many questions The Dawson Academy faculty receive at each of our courses.

During this hour-long roundtable format webinar, Drs. Upadya and Hess bring different perspectives, including being in and out of network, transitioning to fee-for-service, and working in both associate and group practices. As a practice management consultant, Larry Guzzardo has worked with scores of dentists throughout the country helping them choose a strategy that works best for their situation. He also helps dentists implement plans to grow their practices while serving their patients’ best interests.

Alumni Insurance Roundtable Webinar 9-23-14

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