Guest: Dr. Angie Hedlund
Release Date: August 2019

We will review a couple of Angie’s favorite case studies following the complete examination process from the first visit to the treatment plan presentation. Angie will share how you can incorporate aspects of total health and wellness into your examination process.
During this webinar, you will discover how to:
  • Bring in the patient from the first phone call to address their initial concerns, and get them started in the Complete Exam Process.
  • Address key findings during the complete examination that direct the doctor about when to perform or refer for additional testing for GERD, sleep apnea, or salivary diagnostics.
  • Incorporate the T-scan into the complete exam process to help patients understand occlusal disease or instability.
  • Determine the need for referrals to specialists for tissue raising, orthodontic intrusion with a 2D analysis.