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Associate Faculty Member Dr. Zachary Sisler Achieves AACD Accreditation

We’re thrilled to announce Associate Faculty Member Dr. Zachary Sisler as an credentialed Accredited Member in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Dr. Sisler joins an elite groups of dental professionals who have successfully completed the Accreditation process in the AACD.

Sleep Disordered Breathing: Effects on Children’s Growth and Development

Thanks for all who attended our Watch It Wednesday free dental webinar! If you couldn’t make it, we invite you to watch the broadcast below. Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) is an epidemic, and it is imperative that dentists increase their knowledge and understanding of the significant links between breathing disorders and malocclusions in their patients. […]

Dawson Webinar Series: The Inflammation-Airway-TMD Connection

Speaker: Leonard A. Hess, DDS You have heard about centric relation your whole career, and yet most likely you don’t actually understand it. The good news is… are not alone. It is time for you to understand the true significance of one of the most important concepts in dentistry. It is time for you to […]

How to use splints in your treatment plan

Hi, everybody. My name’s Dr. Leonard Hess. I’m one of the senior faculty members here at the Dawson Academy, and I’d like to spend a few minutes talking with you about where splints, or occlusal splints, work into a treatment plan when we’re talking about doing larger or more complicated treatment plans. Let’s really take […]

Identifying, Diagnosing and Treating Airway Disorders

How to integrate periodontal mucogingival issues alongside comprehensive dental treatment planning and treatment. The presence of attached gingival tissue plays an important role in attaining and maintaining periodontal health. Gingival anatomy and the etiology, diagnosis, and maintenance of gingival recession will be reviewed, followed by the various corrective mucogingival and grafting procedures. A discussion will […]

Advances in Removable Prosthodontics

by Kimberley D. Daxon, DDS The desire for aesthetics in our society has initiated the development of dental materials that provide the strength for function and the appearance of natural teeth.  The completely edentulous patient is not immune to these desires, however, conventional denture teeth have been secondary in beauty and strength compared to today’s […]

Splint Therapy DVD for Everyday Dentistry

Often, we will hear educators discuss managing tough restorative problem cases with a final comment,  We’d recommend working through splint therapy before starting a difficult case like this one, or  and of course, this is a case where you’ll want to use a splint at night. What are the options when it comes to splints? […]

How to effectively treatment sequence any case

One of the questions I get a lot from dentists who have been through our classes, and they really are treatment planning their cases well, is, how do I sequence their cases? And sequencing the case correctly can help with profitability and predictability. So let’s have a few thoughts about that.

Four basic core principles to doing it right

My Dad always used to say, If you are going to do something, do it right. I think many of us came to The Dawson Academy like I did to do it right. We started by taking the core curriculum lecture and hands-on courses and followed those with more topic specific courses. We proceeded along […]