Dental Occlusion

Dawson Webinar Series: The Inflammation-Airway-TMD Connection

Speaker: Leonard A. Hess, DDS You have heard about centric relation your whole career, and yet most likely you don’t actually understand it. The good news is… are not alone. It is time for you to understand the true significance of one of the most important concepts in dentistry. It is time for you to […]

How to use splints in your treatment plan

Hi, everybody. My name’s Dr. Leonard Hess. I’m one of the senior faculty members here at the Dawson Academy, and I’d like to spend a few minutes talking with you about where splints, or occlusal splints, work into a treatment plan when we’re talking about doing larger or more complicated treatment plans. Let’s really take […]

Continuing Education and Occlusion at The Dawson Academy

First developed to address the needs of fully edentulous patients, proper occlusal treatment now is used to prevent pain in the temporomandibular joints, excessive wear, tooth-loss, and a variety of other oral health conditions. Considered the foundation of a healthy masticatory system and long-lasting, esthetic, and functional restorations, occlusion is the basis for equilibrium or […]

Question and Answer with Dr. Pete Dawson

Jennifer Noone, a student at BDS University of Sheffield in the UK, asks Dr. Peter Dawson, DDS some questions. The following are her questions and his responses. Q: Do you believe that after the orthodontic correction of a skeletal class i crowded dentition and subsequent retention period, if the dentition was occlusally equilibrated to conform […]

How to Eliminate Unnecessary Occlusal Splint Adjustments

By Doug Willison, Senior Outside Sales Representative, Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd. When having conversations with customers or perspective clients who are frustrated with the amount of chair-side adjustment required to seat their full coverage occlusal splints, the problem most often can be pinpointed to two areas: face bow mounted casts and an accurate Centric Relation […]

Creative Dental Treatment Planning

One thing that becomes quickly apparent, when seeing many patients with unusual and difficult histories, is how often we must make decisions, based on scientifically based logic, when textbook answers are not available for each and every situation. I had an interesting case in point a couple of weeks ago. A patient I restored last […]

The Reasons Why Dentistry Fails

Download this illustration of Dr. Peter Dawson’s “Reasons Why Dentistry Fails.” This picture representation outlines the 10 factors of occlusion that can be the source of success or failure in your dentistry. Understand the factors illustrated in this download and you will never have to treat occlusal problems by guessing. Download this free whitepaper by […]

Dentist Education: Do you see CR=CO in nature?

Question: Do you see CR=CO in nature? Dr. Peter Dawson: Let’s 1st clarify that your use of the term CO is obsolete.CO Refers to the 1st occlusal contact in centric relation. The correct terminology is MIP ( maximal intercuspation position)

Doppler Auscultation in Dental Treatment Planning

One of our most important decisions in our dental treatment planning process is the treatment position of the TMJ. An easy and effective adjunctive screening tool for TMJ Health is Doppler Auscultation. Listening to our patient’s joints is an important step in the TMJ-Occlusal Exam process. The use of a Doppler in dentistry was developed […]