Dental Continuing Education Curriculum

This dental CE course provides a programmed approach to predictably diagnose and treatment plan both simple to extremely difficult cases. Utilizing the standardized records discussed in our dental courses Functional Occlusion- from TMJ to Smile Design and Achieving Predictable Esthetic Results each dentist will discover how to visualize optimum dentistry from an esthetic, functional, biological and structural perspective. You will learn to apply the four treatment options: reshaping, repositioning, restoring and surgical correction, which are a critical component of step-by-step dental treatment planning checklists.

After sharing knowledge in these areas, our instructors walk through case studies showing you the correct option(s) for each patient. Once a specific, comprehensive treatment plan is decided upon, then the critical step of sequencing the treatment for efficiency and profitability will be determined and discussed. Since you cannot practice complete dentistry without a complete plan, our students learn how to segment large treatment plans enabling patients with financial issues to receive optimum treatment over time without compromising their oral health.

The focus of this continuing dental education program is to integrate a comprehensive dental treatment planning process into your practice. Recommendations based on best practices are discussed to help assist you with organizing your busy schedule and a creating a space for optimum treatment planning. How to present your treatment plan will also be discussed as well as many other aspects of procedures and materials.

Course Size: 20

Course Dates & Locations

  1. September 17 - September 19

    East Hanover, NJ (Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry)

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  2. September 24 - September 26

    St. Petersburg, FL (The Dawson Academy)

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  3. October 1 - October 3

    Chesapeake, VA (Mid Atlantic Center for Advanced Dental Studies))

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  4. November 5 - November 7

    Dayton Dental Collaborative

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  5. December 10 - December 12

    Dallas, TX (Texas Oral Surgery Specialists)

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