Rescuing At Risk Youth from Dental Disease

National Children’s Oral Health Foundation® and The Dawson Academy ® Announce Partnership to Rescue At-Risk Youth from Dental Disease

(Charlotte, NC—August 20, 2010) National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy® (NCOHF) and The Dawson Academy have formed an alliance to provide volunteer dental services to promising at-risk teens and underserved children nationwide through Tomorrow’s SMILES® and the America’s Toothfairy Dental Home Program™.

Tomorrow’s SMILES® was created and initially funded by a gift from Dr. Ronald Goldstein, a highly respected clinician, author and lecturer. Through this partnership, Dawson Academy students and alumni will provide comprehensive restorative and esthetic treatment for at-risk students while educating them about the importance of maintaining their healthy Tomorrow’s SMILES. In return, Tomorrow’s SMILES students share these valuable lessons with elementary school children through the program’s Pay-It-Forward component, ensuring that good oral hygiene habits are instilled early in a child’s life.

Through the America’s Toothfairy Dental Home Program™, Dawson Academy clinicians across the country will adopt the care of underserved children in their community and give them a “dental home.” Volunteer dental professionals donate comprehensive oral health care to a child in need, providing the building blocks necessary to ensure proper oral health practices and increased opportunities for future success.

“This alliance is in keeping with the tradition and beliefs of our Academy” said Joan Forrest, President and CEO of The Dawson Academy. In 1960, Dr. Dawson served as the first President and was one of the four founders of the Pinellas County Dental Research Clinic. The clinic treated welfare patients of all ages, but especially children, who could not afford dental care. “Pete has always given back to the community and encourages all of his students to do the same. Nothing is as rewarding as using your gifts and talents to help those less fortunate. Seeing the healthy smile of a child puts everything in perspective”, added Ms. Forrest.

Fern Ingber, MEd, NCOHF President and CEO, stated, “we are thrilled that The Dawson Academy, renowned for advancing the practice of quality, complete patient care among dental professionals, has partnered with NCOHF to expand vital oral healthcare through our signature volunteer programs. By donating their time and services, Dawson Academy clinicians will have a direct impact on America’s pediatric dental disease epidemic by helping to close the gap in healthcare access for underserved children and at-risk teens.”

About The Dawson Academy

The Dawson Academy is a postgraduate educational and clinical research facility, dedicated to the advancement of dentistry. The clinical faculty, most of whom maintain full-time fee-for-service practices, teach the principles and skills necessary for the successful practice of complete, quality, predictable dentistry as practiced and taught by Dr. Peter E. Dawson. The Dawson Academy curriculum is designed to support those doctors striving to be physicians of the masticatory system. For more information about The Dawson Academy, please visit

About National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

America’s Toothfairy® (NCOHF) National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy® (NCOHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to raising awareness of the #1 chronic childhood illness: pediatric dental disease, facilitating delivery of comprehensive pediatric oral health services, and eliminating this preventable disease from future generations. NCOHF draws on vast national resources to secure and distribute product and financial donations along with innovative preventive programs to a growing network of not-for-profit university and community based dental clinics, health centers, and mobile programs throughout America. For more information about NCOHF, please visit

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