Why is Dental Occlusion Important?

Dental occlusion is the absolute backbone of everything that we do here at The Dawson Academy. Dental occlusion is important because it affects how the teeth react, how the muscles react, how the joint reacts.

If a Malocclusion is Present

The malocclusion can cause all kinds of problems that we know as TMD. Joint aches, popping, clicking, breakdown of the joints, breakdown of the teeth, the periodontal structure, breaking and fracturing of teeth, sensitivities of teeth.

If we’re able to balance the teeth out; meaning the joint is seated in its proper position, healthy, all the teeth come together with equal pressure, and then when the jaw moves at all, have an anterior guidance to separate the teeth.

That is exactly what we want to have for a proper occlusion, for long-lasting dentistry. But more importantly, long-lasting oral health.

To learn more about occlusion, reserve a seat for Functional Occlusion – From TMJ to Smile Design.


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